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A comedy turned action movie turned satire. Alexandru is a peculiar guy in his forties who feels disconnected with the world around him. He tries hard to find some friends and to date a woman who genuinely likes him, but at the end of the day, the only one who listens to him is his neighbor’s dog. After several unexpected events that culminate in him getting fired, Alexandru gets into a vengeful state of mind that entraps him entirely. Distressed, he gets carried away and finds himself in the middle of a high-paced gun fight, during which he hurts his ex-coworkers. As his reverie comes to an end, Alexandru awakens in a hospital with his life completely different.

  • Production country: Romania
  • Produced by deFilm
  • Genre: Comedy | Action | Satire
  • Original language: Spanish, Romanian
  • Estimated shooting: 2025
  • To be released in: 2026

© deFilm 2026

Octav Chelaru’s debut feature BALAUR premiered in Thessaloniki in 2021, and was released in Romanian cinemas in Autumn 2022.

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