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As the last person to see her sister before she was kidnapped, a young girl, Maria, finds herself consumed by guilt and confusion that she must fight to overcome. Soon, she understands that the adults around her are either too weak, or indifferent to help, so her only weapons to fight against the darkness that threatens to overcome everything are her friends and imagination. As Maria starts feeling that she is getting closer to discover what really happened to her sister, a strange world opens up, threatening to take control of her.

  • Production country: Romania | Bulgaria | Greece | France
  • Produced by deFilm
  • Genre: Coming of age, Mystery, Horror
  • Original language: Romanian
  • Current stage: financing
  • Financing in place: EUR 700,000
  • Estimated shooting: 2024
  • To be released in: 2025

Mihai Mincan’s feature debut TO THE NORTH premiered in Venice Biennale – Orizzonti, and Thessaloniki in 2022.

© deFilm 2025

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