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Alex is a film director, struggling not with his talent, but against Victor’s, his father, crushing talent as an actor. In his final effort to reconcile with his megalomaniac father, Alex writes a part for him in his latest film. But Victor doesn’t show up for the shooting, plunging Alex into a frantic struggle for his dignity, while abusing psychotherapy, drugs and alcohol. Things escalate when his desperate producer announces that Victor is suing them for breach of contract. So as a last endeavor to reach out to his father and put an end to this craziness, Alex decides to attend a party that Victor helds for his birthday. The encounter is as extraordinarily eccentric as expected, including paparazzi drone attacks, a gunfight and a family reveal.

  • Production country: Romania
  • Financing in place: EUR 600.000
  • Produced by deFilm
  • Genre: Black Comedy, Drama
  • Original language: Romanian
  • Estimated shooting: 2025
  • To be released in: 2026

Bogdan Mirica’s feature DOGS won the FIPRESCI Award in Cannes’ Un Certain Regard in 2016; he wrote and directed HBO Romania’s UMBRE/SHADOWS series 2014-2019.

© deFilm 2026

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