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Filip, a 10-year-old boy, goes to the nearest town by himself to buy new shoes. But after buying the pair, he realizes he’s made a terrible mistake: he has two right shoes. Filip is now faced with the choice of returning home and accept the consequences of his mistake, or going on an unknown journey to replace the wrong shoe. Filip decides on the latter, so he takes the leap and ventures into a world that straddles the boundary between reality and fantasy. As he navigates unfamiliar places and meets new people, Filip embraces his journey with imagination, while discovering unexpected lessons about himself and the world around him.

  • Production country: Romania
  • Financing in place: EUR 500,000
  • Produced by deFilm
  • Genre: Coming of age, Adventure, Kids, Fantasy
  • Original language: Romanian
  • Estimated shooting: 2024
  • To be released in: 2025

Paul Negoescu’s feature STORY OF A SUMMER LOVER premiered in Tallinn Black Nights in 2018, MAN OF DEEDS in Sarajevo in 2022, he wrote and directed TWO LOTTERY TICKETS, the Romanian commercial success of 2016.

© deFilm 2025

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